Welcome to Pedal People – Brighton & Hove

Cycling for all seasons

Our volunteer cycle pilots take elder care homes residents out on cycle rides to feel the wind in their hair!  Most rarely have the chance to enjoy an outdoor adventure otherwise.  Our special ‘Trishaws’ (three-wheel cycles with passenger cab up front) enable them to experience our city and nature close-up and chat with passers-by.  Cycle pilots and passengers enjoy the physical and mental well-being benefits. We are also renowned for our balanced gender ratio of pilots.  Around 75% of our passengers are living with dementia. Rides are comfortable, fun, fully insured and free to the elders.Initially inspired by the global concept of ‘Cycling Without Age’ from Denmark, we are a small, local, independent Brighton charity and raise all our running costs ourselves. We currently run several rides a day from elder care homes Mon-Thurs, year-round. Donations always welcome.

What makes it special and why it makes a difference

It’s an extraordinary thing cycling with elders. Our rides literally bring care home residents ‘back into view’. People really notice and interact with them. The passenger cab is at the front and open, so people can be seen, chat and interact with smiles and waves on both sides. Our regular cycle adventures throughout each week travel the length of the seafront and around parks that these elders cannot reach by wheelchair or walking frame. Most cannot go out alone and have very limited mobility. Our volunteer cycle pilots are from all walks of life.  They make each ride a fun, healthy, interactive experience. All on board the bikes return buzzing from the wind in their hair! Smile galore, we see spirits lifted, people report feeling ‘awake again’, ‘alive’, ‘delighted’ and sleeping better after rides out.


There can be a lack of resources for fun, interactive, community-based, physically beneficial outdoor activity for elders living in care homes.  Most haven’t had the feeling of freedom and joy of being on a bicycle for many years.  They’re relatively ‘hidden’, even though they live just around each corner from us all. Many sit or nap much of the day and can suffer boredom, decline in health through lack of stimulation and depression.  They rarely, if ever, get outside to enjoy the sea-air, nature and interaction with people where they live.

We are hugely grateful to all our donors to date. Each of them has enabled us to get through the ‘set-up’ phase, prove our reliability and impact and enable hundreds of elder care homes residents to ride out with us to enjoy being part of the community and feel the wind in their hair.

Registered charity no. 1177426