Volunteer cycle pilot team. With a consistent 50:50 ratio of women/men, our pilots are the organisation. A friendly, caring, trained (including cycle skills & dementia support) and experienced team. They ride out year-round (light rain and medium winds don’t stop rides!) with smiles and cheer for those onboard and passers-by alike. We hold regular ‘pilot socials. Here’s a rare photo of a few of them together! Great pics of them in action across our social media @pedalpeeps Facebook-Twitter-Instagram. To volunteer please see contact page to email us.



Elly Hargreave, Captain and Co-founder manages all aspects of our charity. 30 years experience in corporate, public and private sectors including as a BBC Broadcast Journalist and Human Rights Campaigns Manager at The Body Shop International. Led three charities, co-founded two and former trustee Brighton Carers Centre. Frequent roles involving supporting disabled children and adults. She learnt to ride a cycle aged 18 and took up cycling as broken spine rehabilitation aged 31. Raised by a disabled parent she’s passionate about community inclusion. Womble (below) is part of her family.


Kirsty Parker, Pilot Chief supports and trains our volunteer cycle pilot crew. Running was always her main passion, having represented county and country. Happiest on The Downs, wind in hair, dog by side. Work has covered Interior Design to Airline Crew. With two daughters, she’s enjoyed school community work, designing and implementing climbing walls and mobilising groups to improve wellbeing. A former volunteer cycle pilot with us, she values all that the elder riders bring to the rides, along with the cheery community of pilots.


Duncan Henderson, Chief Engineer and Co-founder loves cycles! He knows pretty much all there is to know about our particular breed of ‘Trishaw’ cycles and is adept at coaxing them into full service, constantly, with lots of love and care. The rides can’t happen week-in, week-out, year-round without him. He and his good friend Craig (Co-founder) raised the funds for the first cycle and put together the initial start up plans and test piloting in 2016-17.



Womble, Chief Canine, Therapy dog-in-training extraordinaire fully insured with us. She likes to travel in her ‘cycle pot’, ‘woof-sack’ or aboard our accessible cycles. Super good at helping people relax, get onboard, feel less anxious and attracting cuddles and cheer.




Dave Reeves, Chair of trustees. 30 years as a creative producer working in outdoor arts. Former trustee of Zap Art which produced large scale arts projects in Brighton plus the 2012 Olympics in London. Experienced in leading challenging and engaging events plus all aspects of people and finance management, including grants (European and UK) and evaluation. He has worked with local and national government to deliver a range of projects and has personally experienced the positive effects of Pedal People.



Zoe Ashford, Vice-Chairperson. Her award-winning Digital experience has seen her hold senior leadership positions in several big retail brands including John Lewis.  Shortlisted by ‘Information Age’ as a Future Star of Tech eCommerce finalist. She is an independent retail marketing consultant with over 20 years management experience in the corporate sector as well as in recent years working with social enterprises and charities in London and Brighton.


Katie Kirby, Secretary. Highly successful author illustrator of many books for adults and teens, a well know social media presence with almost a million social media followers. Her first career was in digital advertising and she brings 20 years of marketing, budget and people management expertise


Brian Moore, Treasurer.  Director of his own printing and publishing business with 35 years experience in sales, production and management. Run businesses with turnovers of several million. He’s also managed charity accounts prior to ours and is a retail premises landlord and business manager.


Emma Mitchell, Trustee.  Experienced Speech and Language Therapist, she enjoys helping people with a range of communication difficulties while out on rides. Her trustee focus is on operational delivery and liaison and her skills are very helpful to the addition of children to our service provision.


Charity trustees: All have experienced our work first-hand, often as cycle pilots or with lived experience of chronic illness. They joined our board following showing their passion, commitment, organisational and people skills to the charity.  A key principle of our charity is a 50:50 ratio women/men cycle pilots, also reflected in our trustee board.