Volunteer cycle pilots are made up of a consistent 50:50 ratio of women/men, our pilots are the organisation. A friendly, caring bunch out year-round with smiles and cheer for those onboard and passers-by alike. We hold regular ‘pilot socials. Here’s a rare photo of 60% of them together! Great pics of them in action across our social media @pedalpeeps Facebook-Twitter-Insta.



Elly Hargreave, Captain (solo paid role) trains and supports our volunteer cycle pilots and manage all aspects of our independent charity. She only learnt to ride a bike at 18 years old and took up cycling as part of rehab from a broken spine aged 31. Raised by a parent who was disabled, she’s passionate about community inclusion. She has worked in charities most of her life, with the odd foray into other sectors including a spell as a local BBC Broadcast Journalist and Human Rights Campaings Manager at The Body Shop International.


Duncan Henderson, Maintenance Manager loves cycles! He knows pretty much all there is to know about our particular breed of ‘Trishaw’ cycles and is adept at coaxing them into full service, constantly, with lots of love and care. The rides can’t happen week-in, week-out, year-round without him.



Dave Reeves, Chair of trustees spent 30 years as a creative producer working in outdoor arts. He was a trustee of Zap Art which produced many large scale arts projects in Brighton plus the Olympics in London. Experienced in challenging and engaging events and all aspects of the charity sector. He has personally experienced the positive effects of Pedal People.



Zoe Ashford, Vice-Chairperson. Her award-winning Digital experience has seen her hold leadership positions in several big retail brands including John Lewis.  Shortlisted by ‘Information Age’ as a Future Star of Tech eCommerce finalist. She has featured in Marketing Magazine, commended as a ‘Digital Maverick’. She is also a volunteer cycle pilot.


Katie Kirby, Secretary moved down to the seaside to enjoy family life with her husband and two sons. She has swapped a career in digital advertising to become a self-employed author illustrator and is enjoying the freedoms that brings and the opportunity to volunteer both as a cycle pilot herself and trustee.



Brian Moore, Treasurer enjoyed a career in printing and publishing. Now on sunny days he likes travelling and cycling more. On rainy days he is learning carpentry or baking. He finds Pedal People a delightful change from former business life. His career saw much financial planning and budgeting and he enjoys putting it to good use with the charity.


Emma Mitchell, Trustee is busy parent and a keen climber. Experienced in Speech and Language therapy, she enjoys helping older people with a range of communication difficulties while out on rides. Most of all she loves meeting the elders and hearing their stories or simply providing a positive experience for them.



Charity trustees: All have experienced our work first-hand, often as cycle pilots. They joined our board following showing their passion, commitment, organisational and people skills to the charity.  A key principle of our charity is having a 50:50 ratio women/men volunteers, also reflected in our trustee board.