Ride Reactions

Rides Reactions!

‘I loved it, just loved it. So nice to talk with so many people and the children and even the dogs! It’s magic being on a bike outside with everyone!’ Reg 98 and Beryl, 90

‘I feel back in the land of the living’. Violet, 95

‘Exemplary service and organisation. Friendly, approachable, caring pilots, who genuinely love what they do.’ Care home survey

‘Today was so unexpected, so wonderful, to be out like this. So many passers-by smiled and waved. I loved it!’ Shirley 82 with Walter 86

‘Without exception the passengers come back completely exhilarated. They love seeing parts of the area they haven’t seen for years, as well as visiting local parks. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to mix with the wider community and makes them feel valued.’ Care home survey

‘Your cycle passed me on the seafront today. As they passed one of the elderly passengers said: ‘This is wonderful, so wonderful. It made their day and mine. Well done!’ Theresa, via Facebook

‘My parents (92 & 95) have so enjoyed being taken out from their care home revisiting areas they have known all their lives. They have been fascinated and loved the fact that so many people want to wave, stop, chat and marvel! It seems to give them a feeling of freedom. The pilots make it a great experience from the attention, kindness and knowledge of the areas.’ Elaine

‘I sent out my least expectant resident out today, partially blind and deaf. When she returned home was exhilarated and thrilled with it! Thank you.’ Care home manager

‘I went to visit Mrs B in hospital. She’s had a severe stroke and sadly will not be returning to the home. She didn’t recognise us but was very happy and serene to have company. I mentioned the cycling and she said “Ah, do they still come on Monday morning. The best bit was everyone waving at us, I felt like I was famous!” How lovely! Her brain has been badly affected by the stroke, but she remembered that experience.’ Care home manager

‘These two lovely ladies whooped with excitement all the way along Brighton seafront. So much so, I couldn’t help but join in! This precious hour brought a sparkle to their day, and mine. Dementia gave them a rather lost look upon collection. The bike took them to utter joy and delight with the wind in their hair and memory jogging moments like meeting Freddie the dog! The heart-felt thank you at the end was the cherry on top. Yup, this is a very special type of volunteering, I’m super proud to be part of it.’ Sally, volunteer cycle pilot