2021 We bring forward our growth plan for all-ages accessible cycling by one year to meet Covid urgent need. Watch home page and social media for updates!

2020 Covid hits but despite this we still offer 32 weeks of rides out with elders. Super hygiene with PPE and solo elders rather than pairs become the norm.

2019  Our 2nd birthday in September marks the 2000th passenger ride and we now deliver 1000 rides a year.

2018  Having trialled a couple of ways of operating we settle on exclusively supporting care homes for elders – which naturally leads us to expanding our training, support and work with volunteer cycle pilots to better support people living with dementia.

2017: Duncan and friend Craig borrow a Trishaw cycle from Copenhagen and take plenty of elder test passengers for a spin. The son of one of them is so impressed with the effect on his mother, he generously donates the cost of the first cycle. This is duly proudly named after his mum, Isobel. Plans to get the cycle in use stall with other life demands however… in July 2017 Elly offers to join Duncan, having herself been inspired via social media and wanting to bring inclusive cycling to Brighton. She brings her communication and voluntary sector experience to add to Duncan’s cycle knowledge. Elly and Duncan work together seven days a week and launch the charity 8 weeks later in September 2017 working as Co-Captains. Duncan manages the maintenance and Elly continues as CEO. We are featured on local, regional and national media including national BBC Breakfast news on BBC One. Our crowdfunding campaign raises £6500 and enables us to buy our second Trishaw cycle. We’re thrilled and the community support is overwhelming and wonderful!