September 2019

We turn 2 years old and complete our 2000th passenger ride.

February 2019

Our three-year bid for 60% of our running costs is successful with The Lottery Community Fund.

January 2019

We update our name to ‘PEDAL PEOPLE’. We wanted our name to:

  • Be more easily understood by those we serve (two out of three elders we take out are living with dementia). A shorter name is easier to understand.
  • Reflect our charity ethos, to include our ‘pedalling people’ (our volunteer cycle pilots) who are the reason we can do what we do!
  • Have a more ‘Brighton’ style community feel.


Having been inundated with passenger and pilot enquiries we settle on focusing on sustainablility over expansion, having seen the need and delight of all involved. Much as we loved working with ‘independent living’ passengers we find that the resources required to manage this are just too large and unpredictable at this stage. We decide to work exclusively with care homes for elders which naturally leads us to expanding our training, support and work with our volunteer cycle pilots to better support people living with dementia.

September: We are one-year old! Duncan hands over to Maggie as Chairperson.  Duncan takes on the role volunteer Maintenance Manager. Both Duncan and Elly put in many voluntary hours over the previous year. We move to a more sustainable mode of operation having secured some initial funding to continue.


Craig and Duncan borrow a Trishaw bike from Copenhagen and take plenty of elder test passengers for a spin. The son of one of them is so impressed with the effect it had on his mother, he generously donates the cost of the first bike. The bike is duly proudly named after his mum, Isobel. Plans to get the bike in use stall a little with other life demands however… In July 2017 Elly offers to join Duncan, having herself been inspired via social media and wanting to bring it to Brighton. She brings her communication and voluntary sector experience to add to Duncan’s bike knowledge. Elly and Duncan work together for the summer seven days a week and launch the charity in late September 2017 working as Co-Captains. Duncan manages the maintenance, takes the role of Chair of trustees and Elly manages setting up the rides with care homes, PR, volunteers and fundraising – taking on the role of CEO. We are featured on local, regional and national media outlets including national BBC Breakfast news on BBC One. We recruit and train 25 volunteer cycle pilots. Our crowdfunding campaign raises £6500 and enables us to buy our second Trishaw bike. We’re thrilled and the community support is overwhelming and wonderful!


Duncan Henderson sees a Ted talk online about ‘Cycling Without Age’, the concept first developed Copenhagen in 2012. He and his good friend Craig set about investigating how it might work in Brighton.